CVMA Mentor Program
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CVMA Find a Mentor Program

The Colorado Veterinary Medical Association's Find a Mentor Program provides veterinarians with the opportunity to share their insight and advice on beginning a career as a veterinarian.

For Members / Mentors

Why Should I Become a Mentor?
Think back to veterinary school … days filled with labs and exams and clinics, and all that knowledge to absorb. While you were busy with academics, the question of “What should I do after graduation?” no doubt lingered. Perhaps you benefited from the guidance of a mentor to help you through these challenges – or perhaps you did it on your own, wishing there was someone to share ideas with.

Now that you've graduated, consider sharing your experience with someone who faces the same questions and challenges you faced. Become a CVMA Mentor!

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For Students / Mentees 

Why Should I Find a Mentor?
As a veterinary student, your schedule is full of exams and knowledge to absorb. While you are busy with your studies, the question of what to do after graduation lingers.

Could you benefit from a mentor's experience?
A mentor is an individual who knows the challenges of veterinary school and has successfully transitioned from veterinary school and has successfully transitioned from veterinary student to veterinarian.

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