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How do I find a mentor?
CVMA has a search function on the website called Find a Mentor. You can search for someone based on location, areas of interest, etc. Click here to access this search function and to find your mentor! This area is password protected. If you have difficulties accessing the site, please contact CVMA at 303.318.0447.

Why Should I Find a Mentor?
As a veterinary student, your schedule is full of exams and knowledge to absorb. While you are busy with your studies, the question of what to do after graduation lingers.

Could you benefit from a mentor's experience?
A mentor is an individual who knows the challenges of veterinary school and has successfully transitioned from veterinary school and has successfully transitioned from veterinary student to veterinarian.

You can utilize a mentor-mentee relationship in a number of ways, including:

  • Utilizing your mentor as a sounding board for asking questions and trying new ideas.
  • Receiving guidance in dealing with problem situations.
  • meeting new contacts and broadening your professional network.
  • Building skills, knowledge, and aptitudes.
  • Developing relationships to assure personal growth and career enrichment.
  • Developing professional goals.
  • Gaining opportunities for externships with your mentor or other CVMA members.

What can a mentor do for you?

  • Communicate openly and honestly.
  • Elicit your needs and help you to set realistic goals.
  • Share experience in your areas of interest and functional knowledge of recent trends and techniques.
  • Remain non-judgmental, maintain confidentiality.
  • Be a motivator and help you build your professional confidence.
  • Model high professional and moral character.
  • Introduce and expose you to new opportunities and contacts.
  • Inspire you to perform your best!

Find a mentor
As a mentee in the Sudent Chapter of CVMA's mentor program, you will be experiencing the many benefits a mentorship relationship provides. These include:

  • The creation of new support networks
  • Gaining valuable insight and answers to your questions regarding your future career
  • The possibility of an externship

You and your mentor can personalize your externship and relationship based on each of your expectations. You may choose to utilize some of the following opportunities to create your relationship:

  • Keep in touch via phone and e-mail
  • Get together for a monthly social activity, such as a breakfast or lunch meeting, to discuss current veterinary issues or other professional topics.
  • Accompany your mentor to one of his/her professional organizations' education and/or networking events.
  • Collaborate in a projct of mutual interest.


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