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Other Pets

American Gerbil Society – laws, show and breeder locators, classifieds, pet store information, and more for the gerbil lover.


Exotic Pets – Articles and links from

Exotic Pet Vet Net

Fish Information Service (FINS) – An archive of information about aquariums covering both freshwater and marine, tropical and temperate.

Freshwater Aquariums – Articles and links from See also Saltwater Aquariums.

Hedgehog Welfare Society – Hedgehogs are becoming increasingly popular exotic pets. The HWS is committed to the well-being of pet hedgehogs through education, rescue, and research.

House Rabbit Society – from the American Association of Equine Practitioners – An online guide to equine health and care. – An online journal dedicated to the parrot lover with articles, tips, news, and stories. – Aquarium keeping is made simple and easy at this site that offers articles, tips, and tricks.

Primates as Pets: Wisconsin Primate Research Center

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