Lost and Found Pets
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Lost and Found Pets

Lost Pet?
If you have lost or found a pet without identification, it is important to contact your local animal shelter. For a map and information about local animal shelters, please visit the Metro Denver Animal Welfare Alliance. For a list of animal shelters throughout Colorado, visit the Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies website.

Help your pet find his way home
To help your animal find his or her way home when lost, please make sure:

  • Your dog or cat wears a current rabies tag, license tag and an ID tag with your present address and phone numbers
  • Your address and phone numbers are on file with the veterinarian who provided your pet’s most recent vaccinations
  • Your contact information is current with the registry for your pet’s microchip identification implant

Microchips are devices that provide a unique, permanent identification for animals and allow lost animals to be quickly reunited with their owners.  Because microchips are the most fail-safe and universal means of identifying lost animals today, the Denver Area Veterinary Medical Society encourages all pet owners to have a microchip implanted in their pet(s).  For more information on the procedure, talk to your veterinarian. 

For more information about microchipping, click here

Register your pets

Registering your pets has increasingly become more important in Front Range communities. By registering your pet with the city you live in, you increase the likelihood of having your pet returned if it were to get lost. Below is information about registering your pet in Denver, but please contact your city's animal control agency for registration information.

An annual license is required for each dog and cat over the age of six months for Denver residents. This small fee offers great peace of mind if your pet is ever lost. The license number is linked to your pet's rabies tag, which can reconnect you with your pet if it is brought into a shelter. Licensing fees go to help the lost, abandoned and abused animals at the Denver Municipal Animal Shelter.


Metro Denver Animal Welfare Alliance
Click here for a list of shelters in the metro Denver area along with contact information and links to websites when applicable.

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